KUKUNOCI is a tale about food, where Italian irreverent passion meets the dedicated discipline of Japan.
Sourcing local produce and inspired by traditional recipes of Verona, our menu offers a unique contamination with Japanese ingredients and their traditional cooking techniques.
We design food with narrative. Our story is about courage, creativity and omotenashi, a very distinctive service.

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The designer of today re-establishes the long-lost contact between art and the public, between living people and art as a living thing.
(Bruno Munari)


KUKUNOCI started and operates as a private dining club offering a set menu of six courses with or without wine pairing. The menu is always bespoke and designed by combining your requests with product availability, from €45 pp.
Close to Piazza Bra, the flat offers a unique design in a quiet and comfortable location. The interiors are the perfect set for dinner, either for social gathering or professional meetings requiring that extra privacy.
We are able to cater for most requests, thus keeping in mind the we do love food and are unable to change recipes for our guests. We will be more than happy to offer our best alternatives.

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We believe the highest culinary standards are not about opulence: they are about the beauty of moments bound to be remembered for a long time.
We welcome requests for our services at your premises and help you organising that special dinner; we are able to cater for up to 15/20 guests.
We are happy to use your appliances and whatever is available for the mies and place.Furthermore, our network allows us to provide a wide range of services from event planning to photo shooting in case we can help with other issues to attach to our standard offers.

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KUKUNOCI is rooted in Verona and its surroundings. We are about nowness and here-ness.
We believe the future is about reconnecting with heritage and ancient methods. We are constantly researching into Italian and Japanese traditional ways of processing food, unknown flavours and forgotten produce.
If you have an interest and you wish to learn some of our techniques we are happy to organise tailored classes with one of our partners, for up to 10/15 participants.

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A selection of our favourite dishes carefully composed by Roberta Ceschi in the photographs of Andrea Darra. Roberta is an awesome stylist and Andrea a beautiful camera artist.
I guess the results speak for itself. Please, enjoy.

Andrea Berti

Our food is what makes us proud, for it is the culmination of a long professional journey dedicated to the unforgettable. Let me introduce myself:
After ten years as an architect and a designer, I stepped into a professional kitchen brigate for sheer passion. That was eight years ago and I have been in love ever since. International and multicultural at the core, we pride ourselves of a multidisciplinary approach. Our food reflects our experiences: we guarantee a fresh and unexpected take.
This is our story in three keywords:
COURAGE: we choose to be unique, which is our determination to provide a memorable experience.
PASSION: the aspiration that drives our quest for uniqueness and excellence.
OMOTENASHI: the ability to understand our guests’ needs before they are even spoken.

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We believe collaboration is the base to better ourselves and our performance. We work with known local professionals and businesses. With them we planned, talked, laughed end made beautiful things.

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